Jessica Miller, Executive Director

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Jess Flegel, Gallery Director
Jess manages to work us into her busy life as a local artist, expert framer and coordinator for the annual art collaboration “Winter Commission.” She’s the brains behind our monthly gallery exhibitions.

Steeb & Libby, Tenant Managers

Nick Emard, Volunteer Coordinator
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Tyson Ballew, Booking Team Manager

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Stuart Jackson, Sound Crew Manager
“With a self professed obsession for Audio, Stuart keeps the the all volunteer Sound Crew together with a bit of friendly shepherding and some handy work with a soldering iron. He can often be found haunting the boards at Make.Shift, Boundary Bay, and various events around town. Stuart is a current student at Western Washington University pursuing a degree in Audio Technology, Music, and Youth Work through Fairhaven College.”


Nika Feline, Sound Crew

Nika is a music business management student at Fairhaven and a fierce fan of felines. She enjoys taking pictures of her toes, spinning disc, moving at elevated speeds on two non-motorized wheels, and eating ice cream. Aside from Make.Shift, she is a dedicated community organizer involved with Loudhouse, KUGS, KVWV, and Benefest.

Ona Kovacs, Promotions Manager

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Katie Hagerman, Bookeeper
Katie has been our trusty accountant and financial go-to lady for forever. This ship would sink without her.