Cat Sieh, Director
Cat left her career job as a journalist in 2008 to focus on Make.Shift. She wades through bureaucracy, makes a lot of phone calls, and is more or less the lady behind the curtain.

Audra Robson, Operations Manager
Audra is loud enough to spread the word about Make.Shift to just about everyone in the Northwest. She keeps our booking and promotion teams on track and is our pinch-hitter for any and every emergency scenario.

Jess Flegel, Gallery Director
Jess manages to work us into her busy life as a local artist, expert framer and coordinator for the annual art collaboration “Winter Commission.” She’s the brains behind our monthly gallery exhibitions.

Kevin Lowdon, Photo Intern
Kevin, a student at WWU, started interning for us in the spring of 2012 and never left. We will hold onto him with our grubby paws for as long as possible.

Gave Seavello, Sound Crew Manager

Gabe is a student at WWU and has been working with sound in some form or another for about seven years. He’s spent the last two years doing live sound for artists big and small all over the Pacific Northwest. He aims to help create a self-sustaining local music scene in which musicians and sound workers thrive together

Katie Hagerman, Bookeeper
Katie has been our trusty accountant and financial go-to lady for forever. This ship would sink without her.

Kara Marklin, Gallery Committee member
For a very long time, Kara was the lady who kept Make.Shift Art Space squeaky clean. We fell in love with her for her willingness to take out the trash and keep the bathrooms shiny. Now, as a member of our gallery committee, she helps make big-picture gallery decisions.