The KZAX Station Manager’s job is to ensure the smooth daily operation of KZAX 94.9 LPFM. They manage the administrative, technical, program, and sales aspects of the station. General managers answer to the Make.Shift Board of Directors and the Make.Shift Executive Director, and they strive to maintain the work environment, personality, and financial viability of the business.

On a day-to-day basis, the radio station manager must supervise and coordinate the schedules, workflow, and responsibilities of various volunteers. The manager will oversee volunteer outreach, training, and evaluation of volunteer tasks, as well as provide communication between departments.


  • Administrative: Ensure the station complies with all local, state and federal broadcasting regulations.
  • Budget: Assist Board President with annual budget and maintain knowledge of the budget throughout the year.
  • Finances: Ensure KZAX meets its monthly financial obligations while working with the Make.Shift accountant to handle cash, record tax information and track budget and expenses.
  • Relations: Report to Executive Director and attend bi-weekly staff meetings.
  • Volunteer Management: Oversee and facilitate the operation of volunteer meetings and committees. Work closely with volunteers to oversee projects and hold them accountable to deadlines and volunteer expectations.
  • Public Relations: Act as the organization’s voice, craft and send out press releases, post via social media, update KZAX portion of website, keep the community informed on current programs and events and act as the organization’s community representative. Behave professionally as a representative of Make.Shift on and off the clock.



This is a stipend part-time position with room to grow into a full time position. Compensation is a $500 monthly stipend. Growth of the position will be largely determined through self-determination, grant writing, and underwriting sales.


Please email a 1 page cover letter and resume to



-Applications accepted until March 1st.

-Prospective candidates will be notified March 2nd-3rd To schedule interviews.
– Interviews to take place Wednesday March 8th and Thursday March 9th.


KZAX 94.9 LPFM is operated by Make.Shift Art Space in downtown Bellingham. KZAX aims to provide community-driven and produced radio programming that provides a voice for community broadcasters.