How to get involved


YES! There are a million ways you can help.

We LOVE volunteers and we want you to get involved where your interests lie. We work with you to get plugged into any of our projects, at any level of time commitment that works for you.

To get started:

1. Volunteer Orientation
We ask new volunteers to attend an orientation because we want to get to know you, show you what we’re all about, and to figure out your specific interests.

Check our calendar for the next orientation.

2. Get Plugged In

Once you’ve attended the orientation, we’ll work together to find a place for you at Make.Shift. You could staff office hours, help run our programs, or be a part of our small army of volunteers that we call upon to help out when we have events like benefits or work parties. Whatever works for you!

What kinds of tasks can I help with?

All kinds! Here are a few common tasks our volunteers typically help with. Take a look and be sure to let us know what sparks your interest:

Staff the door or sound booth at our live music shows
Represent Make.Shift by tabling at an event
Help us keep Make.Shift Art Space sparkly (regular cleaning is a BIG help)
Attend a booking meeting!
Get involved with our community radio station KVWV
Help out with designing a poster or photographing a show
Fix and build things at the Art Space!
Ask local business for sponsorships
Staff the gallery at Art Walk
Plan a fundraiser event
Write a grant proposal
Staff an office hours shift at Make.Shift

Please contact us if you’re interested in attending an orientation and getting involved. We look forward to hearing from you!


People often ask us “How do you do it?”  Welp, we depend on our dedicated volunteers, and generous donations from local businesses and people like you.

Where does your dough go?

Some examples of what donations have helped us accomplish in the last year:

  • A new booth for our Sound Squad to gain visibility of the stage and have the room they need to work their magic.
  • Construction of new art studios in the basement using almost 100% recycled, reused and repurposed materials.
  • Infrastructure and safety improvements to the front door and basement entrances.
  • Addition of sound-dampening to our loudest practice space, to make things quieter for our neighbors and our tenants.
  • A new closet for our Gallery to store and organize art in between exhibits.
  • Help us build more with your donation!

Donate – Wish list

Please check out the list below:

  • New Toilet
  • Coffee grinder
  • Vacuum/ Shop Vac
  • Ceiling Fan/ Light Fixture

We are always seeking random donations of household items and equipment. These items help keep our space functioning for our tenants and Make.Shift attendees.

Send us an email before dropping items off at the space- so we know you’re coming and know what you’re bringing our way:


Bronze – $100 a month

Bronze donors will be effusively thanked on the web at and shamelessly praised on the Make.Shift Facebook page.

Silver – $200 a month

Silver donors will be effusively thanked on the web at, shamelessly praised on the Make.Shift Facebook page, displayed on a banner in Make.Shift.

Gold – $500 a month

Gold donors will be effusively thanked on the web at, shamelessly praised on the Make.Shift Facebook page & displayed on a banner in Make.Shift. Gold donors also get their logos displayed on Make.Shift posters.


Our internship programs are directed at WWU and WCC students, and other qualified community members who seek professional experience in fields related to live music and visual art.

These intensive positions require reliable, committed candidates. All internships are unpaid; WWU students may intern for credit, pending approval from their department chair.

Positions are generally available starting at the beginning of each university quarter. For more information:

  • Photography Intern
  • Multimedia: Web Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Gallery Intern
  • Video Intern
Photography Intern
Multimedia: Web Intern
Graphic Design Intern
Video Intern
Gallery Intern

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!