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Holiday Make.Sale coming soon!


Break open your piggy bank, the 5th annual Make.Sale is coming up! All the local handmade crafts including you could imagine will be on sale at Make.Shift during this holiday sale.

The vendors this year offer a large variety of different crafts from the re-claimed glass of Tumbler Mountain Glass Project to the unique designs of Localmotive Jewelry Creations. Other vendors include: Remedios The Beauty Clothing, Cat Sieh, Osteal jewelry, Sea Holly Beauty Company, Feral Felt, Cordial Waters, Rinyrinri polymer clay creations, Vil’s Herbarium and more!

The Black Drop Coffeehouse is sponsoring hot beverages for the event, offering coffee, hot tea and cider as well as hot winter cocktail options.

The sale will have a preview night on Friday, Dec. 4th during Art Walk at Make.Shift from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and continues Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Join us to support Bellingham’s talented craftsmen and women that help make our community unique!

Location: Make.Shift Art Space || 306 Flora Street, Bellingham

Preview Sale: Art Walk Friday, December 4th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Make.Sale: Saturday, December 5th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Sea Holly Beauty Company


Localmotive Jewerly Creations


Cat Sieh


Tumbler Mountain Glass Project


Cordial Waters

Seeking Vendors for 5th Annual Make.Sale (deadline passed)


With fall in the air, the holidays aren’t far. Here is something to get you crafting away for the holidays. Make.Shift is now accepting applications for our 5th annual Make.Sale! This is Make.Shift’s own rad DIY craft sale- all local and handmade.

This year’s sale has expanded to include a preview sale on Friday, Dec. 4th during Art Walk from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Make.Sale will be on Saturday, Dec. 5th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Find the vendor application HERE.

Application and images deadline is OCTOBER 25th.

We will notify you of our selections by November 5th

If selected, vendor payments will be due to Make.Shift by November 15th. All fees are non-refundable after Nov. 20th.




In the Gallery: METAL

Bellingham is home to an incredible array of metalworkers whose talents are often funneled into production jobs and high-end custom work. We asked three exceptional local metal artists to create work from a purely artistic perspective. No clients, no outsider revisions, just inspiration and…METAL! Please join us for our April gallery exhibition with work by artists: Aaron Loveitt, Thor Myhre, and Andy Phillips. The opening reception is free to attend and will be held during ArtWalk, Friday, April 4th from 6-10 p.m. The event will include a live Taylor Swift cover set by Tyson Ballew and Jaedyn McGregor. The gallery will be on display through April 29th so be sure to stop by! The Make.Shift gallery is open Tues-Sat from 12-5 p.m.

 Hollow by Aaron Loveitt


Untitled by Andy Phillips


Zen Beacon by Thor Myhre

In the Gallery: Jacob Cass, Kyler Martz & Charliegrrl

We’re excited to present new, tattoo-inspired work by Jacob Cass (Bham), Kyler Martz (Seattle), and Charliegrrl (Seattle) in the gallery from Aug. 2-Aug. 31.


Jacob Cass:

Traditional American tattoo flash was my foundation. Bold outlines, vibrant color and the heavy use of black shading still influence these paintings from a artistic background that began while apprenticing in tattoo shops many years ago. Studying and replicating vintage tattoo imagery were the first steps in learning the basic skills of drawing and painting. These paintings were created with a deep respect for the people that influenced me, helped me and taught me the initial skills to develop and derive my own style and then move forward with my work.

My inspiration is American traditional tattooers like Charlie Wagner and his Black Eye Barbershop. Not just the designs, but the lives, experiences, and creations that came from so called roughneck outsiders, who found a way to live free and experience their American dream.

Kyler Martz:
Kyler Martz is an illustrator, designer and muralist from Seattle, WA. Martz’ work is primarily watercolor based illustration, referencing of old naturalist etchings, tattoo flash and woodcuts. Martz work also employs screen printing, in addition to creating large-scale murals.

In The Gallery: Viva La Analog!

Our January gallery show opens with Art Walk on Friday January 4, from 6-10 p.m. FREE!

What do Steve Jobs and Dr. Frankenstein have in common? Bellingham artists BJ Ott and Jarod Faw explore our relationship with and pursuit of technology in “Viva La Analog,” a multimedia show celebrating the simpler things in life.

Live music by:
Robert N Paulson
& Creech

In The Gallery: Beardingham

In the Make.Shift gallery through Dec. 1: Beardingham.

John Overly, owner of Bellingham’s Vessel Screen Printing Studio, takes his talent in a new direction with these incredible, life-like portraits of Bellingham’s bearded men. These unique pieces are hand-screened on black velvet using an unconventional multi-step color separation and printing process.

Call for Art: One-Inch Pin Ups

“Pin Ups!”  coming to Make.Shift this December: A gallery show of 1” buttons and an Art Walk trading extravaganza. Submission deadline Oct. 31

Here’s how it works:

  • You design the buttons for the show, and we print the buttons for you. Selected artists receive 15 complimentary one-inch buttons of their chosen designs.
  • Submit up to 5 designs for 1” round buttons. Send images in jpeg format, no larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels. Label images with your last name,first initial, & number 1-5   ex:  smithj1.jpg, smithj2.jpg, etc. More detailed guidelines are here.
  • Include contact info: Your name, e-mail address, & phone number. Send info & images to Jess Flegel at: gallery (at)
  • We will select up to 3 of your designs for the show. We will notify artists mid November of our selections.
  • During the Dec. Art Walk Reception, selected pins will be displayed in the gallery. Attendees will purchase a random grab bag of 5 pins for $5. Then attendees can trade throughout the night in order to try to get other pins they want.

All sales from the show go toward making Make.Shift a better space for more great art & music.

In the Gallery: The Vices Show

In the gallery for the month of October: The Vices Show.

Definition: A vice is a practice, behavior or habit considered immoral, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a negative character trait, a defect, an infirmity, or merely a bad habit. Synonyms for vice include fault, depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, and corruption.

“The Vices Show” is a group exhibit curated by and featuring the work of self-proclaimed Dirtbag Sisters, Karie Jane and Jessica Lynn Bonin. Through a plethora of visual medium and artist’s perspectives, this show explores the the complex psychology of vice.

WHAT: The Vices Show

WHEN: Opening Reception during Art Walk: 6 p.m.-10 p.m. Friday Oct. 5

On display at Make.Shift until Oct. 27. Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat noon-4 p.m.

WHERE: Make.Shift Art Space, 306 Flora Street

COST: Free!

CONTACT: Jess Flegel, Gallery Director