Make.Shift Presents: Nardwuar & The Evaporators, The Tranzmitors, and Noise Toys

Save the date: Saturday, February 23rd.
3 p.m. // All-ages // FREE

The Evaporators
“For well over ten years, The Evaporators have earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most entertaining live bands, blending rollicking garage rock with some persistent onstage energy, side-spitting humour, and some very snazzy outfits. Led by the boundlessly enthusiastic Nardwuar the Human Serviette on vocals and organ, the shows also include an abundance of audience participation and spontaneous stunts that keep the crowd grinning from ear to ear.”


The Tranzmitors
“Featuring members of such Vancouver stalwarts as the New Town Animals, the Parallels and the Smugglers, the Tranzmitors came together to fill a void in the Vancouver rock’n roll scene, injecting it with a razor-edged, twin guitar attack.”

Noise Toys
“Bombarding of the senses that will leave you foaming at the mouth. You will find yourself controlled by outside forces as we slowly turn you into a toy of Noise Toys. The sound of a million elephants pale in comparison at times, though sometimes the touch of Noise Toys can be so gentle a sleeping baby would not even stir. The music is an experience that soon will not be forgotten, or recovered from. Our sound is that of a unique style, not readily explained, but easily attained.”

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