Art Walk: What’s Up! 15 years of Local Music, Photos, and Magazine Covers

Friday, March 1st, 6-10 p.m 

In celebration of What’s Up! magazine’s 15th anniversary, this comprehensive show features every What’s Up! cover ever published (nearly 200), in addition to iconic live music photos and articles from the entire lifespan of the music mag.

Make.Shift and What’s Up! partnered to bring together photographers who moved away or hadn’t opened their boxes of negatives for years. Many of these photos will be printed large-scale and shown in a gallery for the first time ever. Photographers include Chris Fuller, Jacob Covey, Hollie Huthman, Gunther Frank, Matt McDonald, Chris Howard, Kevin Lowdon, Paul Israel, Ashley Bennett, and more.

Bellingham resident Brent Cole published the first issue of What’s Up! magazine in 1998, in answer to what he saw as a vibrant alternative music scene that deserved more exposure and support. Bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Eureka Farm, Sharpie and Federation X graced the early pages of the scrappy music mag, accompanied by grainy black and white fan photos. Over the years, and with the help and business expertise of Cole’s wife, Becca Schwarz Cole, What’s Up! has evolved from a labor of love into a full-fledged family business, and has become Bellingham’s primary exchange for artists, musicians and their fans.

Here’s to 15 more years of What’s Up!

Thanks to Ninkasi Brewing for donating beer for this event.

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